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Infection Control is the upmost important matter working under current Covid pandemic. Here in Evergreen Dental Group, we are following guidelines from CDC/ADA/OSHA and WA Department of Health for enhanced infection control measures.  The following is a snap shot of what patients will expect to see when coming to the office.

All patients will be pre screened by phone for Covid related health questions.  Upon arrival in the parking garage, please call us. We will call you to come in to the office when we are ready for you.  Please enter office with your own mask, and stop by the hand sanitizing station to wipe down your hands.  Receptionist will take you temperature, and confirm your health status again.  Clinical staff will then lead you to the treatment room.  You will be asked to gargle with a pre procedure rinse before any dental treatment.  You will notice all clinical staff with enhanced PPE to protect ourselves and patients.  Swiss made IQ Air Filtration units are placed in the rooms to reduced aerosol.  Special HVC systems also installed in dental hygiene rooms for more effective aerosol control during dental cleaning appointments. 

All appointments now are staggered for social distancing purpose, and to reduce in person contact in the office.  Because of this, your might find decreased appointment availability.  We encourage patients to book your appointments soon to reduce wait time. Patients will also be monitored post appointments after 2 weeks to ensure they are Covid symptoms free.

All our staff in the office also self monitoring with daily temperature check and Covid health questions screening to make sure we stay safe and healthy to work.  

As we navigate this uncertain Covid landscape together, you will expect guideline changes, and we will modify our protocols along.  For now, we appreciate your understanding for all the necessary steps to practice dentistry safely and well.

Our office is ready and open.  We hope to see you soon. 

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