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Dental Bonding

Fix Problem Teeth with Composite Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a great way to change the appearance of one or two problem teeth that interfere with the way your smile looks. The process is very similar to having a filling, but usually without the need for local anesthesia and drilling.

Bonding is perfect for correcting the appearance of teeth that have:


  • Gaps

  • Broken, worn or chipped areas

  • Exposed root surfaces

  • Abnormal shape or size


We closely match the bonding material to resemble the color of your natural tooth. This allows the final restoration to blend in perfectly with your smile without other people ever knowing that you’ve had dental work done. Bonding can be combined with other cosmetic treatments like whitening and veneers for a beautiful overall impact!

Dental Bonding at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA
Erase gaps between your teeth at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA

The procedure takes less than an hour to complete from start to finish. We simply clean the tooth thoroughly to promote a tight bond between the bonding and your enamel. Once the composite bonding material is applied and shaped into the desired position, a bright light cures it in place.

Do you have a bothersome tooth or gaps between your teeth that you want to erase? Call Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA for expert cosmetic dental care.

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