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Dental Crowns


Porcelain dental crowns serve two functions: preserving the health of your natural tooth and restoring aesthetics to your smile. At Evergreen Dental Group, we are considered to be one of the best cosmetic dental providers in the Kirkland, WA area. Each and every one of our custom crown therapies will help you preserve teeth that have:


  • Been treated with a root canal

  • Suffered from severe tooth decay, cracks or fractures

  • Advanced tooth wear

  • Severe sensitivity

Crowns Restore Form and Beauty
Dental Crowns at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA
Each crown is designed to resemble natural tooth at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA

The purpose of a crown is to cover the entire surface of the tooth above the gumlines, protecting it from external factors that would cause continued wear. Durable porcelain material distributes pressure from biting and chewing, making the tooth functional again once it is covered with a crown.


At Evergreen Dental Group we carefully design each porcelain crown to resemble a beautiful, natural tooth. Your final restoration will look as if your smile didn’t have anything wrong with it at all.

Is a porcelain crown right for you? Call our Kirkland, WA cosmetic dental office to schedule your exam today!

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