Oral Pathology

Oral cancer is a serious and deadly disease condition. It is directly linked

with risk factors like:


  • Sun exposure

  • Viruses (such as HPV)

  • Tobacco and alcohol use

  • Family history


The most important factor in battling oral cancer is early diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people never learn that they have oral cancer until they find it for themselves – when it is far too advanced and deadly.

Knowing What to Look For


At Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA, we provide a thorough oral cancer screening on every patient, during every exam. During this process we examine the tissues for slight changes in appearance. Some examples include sores that haven’t healed in a timely manner, or raised white/red lesions that are found only on one side of the mouth. We may recommend a biopsy if precancerous tissues are noted.


Cancer Screenings Save Lives

You owe it to yourself and to your family to have an oral cancer screening at least once a year. Schedule your dental checkup and oral pathology exam at Evergreen Dental Group at your first convenience.

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