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Oral Sedation

Our patients love our oral sedation option. This type of sedation uses a prescription strength sedative that is given in our office, about one hour prior to your scheduled treatment. Although you remain partially conscious, most people do not remember anything at all about their appointment.


Some of the benefits of oral sedation include:


  • Safe for all ages

  • Perfect for mild to severe anxiety

  • Ideal for longer appointments

When you choose oral sedation, our dentists are able to assure your comfort and work more efficiently. This allows us to complete most of your treatment during a single appointment.

Effects of oral sedation wear off within a few hours, so you will need to have someone come with you and drive you home from your appointment. The sedative is also an amnesiac, so most people will not remember anything about their trip to our office.


Have you put your dental care off because going to the dentist makes you nervous? Maybe you’re worried about multiple visits to catch up on your dental care? Then call Evergreen Dental Group and ask whether or not oral sedation is right for you.

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