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Pediatric Dentistry


Starting your child out with a healthy smile is one of the best things you can do! Many people have tooth problems that stem from inadequate dental care as a child. Our goal is to prevent that. At Evergreen Dental Group, in Kirkland, WA, our Children’s Dentistry program is equipped to encourage healthy habits, strong smiles and fewer treatment needs. To do that, we provide services like:

Preventive Cleanings and Exams

These “fun” visits make going to the dentist seem normal, but give us the chance to pinpoint concerns at their smallest stages. That way, if treatment is needed – it’s simple and easy to complete.


Dental Sealants


Thin, clear dental sealants help block out the potential for tooth decay in the deep pits and grooves of the back teeth.


Fluoride Treatments


Fluoride helps promote healthy tooth development and makes enamel resistant to cavities.

Pediatric Dentistry at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA
Preventive cleanings and exams at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA
Fluoride Treatments at Evergreen Dental Group in Kirkland, WA
Protective Mouth Guards


Wearing a guard during athletic activities is one of the best things you can do to help your child avoid an emergency or concussion.


Evergreen Dental Group begins seeing children in Kirkland, WA as soon as their first tooth erupts (or their 1st birthday, whichever comes first. Call us to schedule your son or daughter’s first check-up!

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